Design: Enzo Berti

Trigono has a sophisticated design that is complimented by superior-quality materials and construction. It is available with both American walnut and oak bases, which can be paired with a Carrara marble, wood, or glass top. 

Dining Table
Height: 29.5″
Base Width: 61.5″
Base Depth: 28.5″
Top: White Carrara marble, American walnut, oak wood, or glass
Base: Natural, stained, or matte lacquered American walnut or oak wood

Please refer to the chart at the bottom of the page for information on all options.

Due to the large number of options, please contact us for pricing.

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Top DimensionsWeight Top Material
86.75" x 39.5"150 lbs.Wood
86.75" x 39.5"388 lbs.Marble
86.75" x 39.5"214 lbs.Glass
98.5" x 39.5"161 lbs.Wood
98.5" x 39.5"430 lbsMarble
98.5" x 39.5"233.75 lbs.Glass
110.25" x 43.5"180.75 lbs.Wood
110.25" x 43.5"271.25 lbs.Glass
118.25" x 47.25"198.5 lbs.Wood
118.25" x 47.25"595.25 lbs.Marble
118.25" x 47.25"306.5 lbs.Glass